Welcome to Secure Zoo Strategy (SZS)!  This step-by-step guidance is designed to help the Exotic Animal Industry (EAI) develop a strategy to prevent Foreign Animal Diseases (FADs) such as Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), and mitigate the effects should a disease occur. As a member of the EAI, you will find that there is no “one plan fits all facilities” as there is a great deal of diversity across the industry.    This document will take you through the planning process step by step to help you, as a facility operator/owner, begin developing a plan, help.  This planning process is intended to help you meet your facility’s needs and the regulatory requirements imposed by officials during a FAD outbreak.

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Key concepts in understanding your business model

As an Exotic Animal Facility Operator, the first step in developing the facility’s Response plan will be to understand that in a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak, facilities with susceptible animals are subject to state and federal regulations oversee

Facility owners/operators need to understand the factors that put their facility at risk of becoming infected in an outbreak. This is an area that your SAHO can help!

Understand the response roles your Facility Personnel would play in an outbreak in close proximity to your facility or in your facility.

To help understand how your facility design and layout affects your biosecurity preparedness efforts, you would work with your SAHO or other knowledgeable person to create a facility Biosecurity Map

In disease outbreaks, surveillance is conducted on facilities/premises housing susceptible animals to understand where the disease is and also, where it is not in the population and in which facilities.

There are a number of Operations that a facility may need to implement during and outbreak whether infected or not.

As you can imagine, a FAD outbreak involving your facility is likely to create a great deal of interest from your patrons, Industry partners and the public.

Recovery efforts in response to a national FAD outbreak should actually begin in the initial phase of response and continual in varying degrees throughout response.

In this step, you should use the Secure Zoo Performance Standards checklist to access your facilities readiness.

Three different types of information will be utilized to develop your plan.

  1. You will first be introduced to general information and high level concepts; players that would be involved in response, and potential effects of the disease on the facility. This will drive the protections that the facility could initiate to protect the animals from the disease.
  2. Next you will be walked through information necessary for plan application; or how to prepare your facility for response to the disease.  The goal is for the Facility staff, with the help of the State Animal Health Officials, to use this information to outline prevention and response strategies.
  3. Finally, you will be shown a deeper dive into research that will enable your team to provide descriptions of the various protocols for response. The Secure Zoo Strategy’s goal is to provide a path to facility planning that allows the facility team to drill down into the different planning steps in a more productive and hopefully, time conserving manner.