The core Secure Zoo team (From left: Dr. Jimmy Tickel, Sharron Stewart, and Dr. Yvonne Nadler) at an on-site meeting in 2016

SZS Year One Contributors

Year 1 Contributors (2014)

Back Row (L to R): Dr. Bruce Rideout, Dr. Mike Spayberry, Dr. Scott Willens, Dr. Don Janssen, Steve Olsen, Dr. Yvette Johnson Walker, Dr. Gretchen Cole, Erin Carey, Dr. Mark Lloyd, Gretchen Bickert, Dr. Kim Cook, Kellie Heckman, Dr. Linda Penfold, Dr. Darrel Styles, Dustin Foote, Katelyn Marti-Mucha, Alan Sironen, Dr. Jennifer Boonstra, Dr. Holly Haefele, Dr. Julie Napier, Mindy Stinner, Todd Smith, Julia Wagner, Dr. Doug Armstrong, Dr. George Chambless, Dr. Tyler, McAlpin, Sharron Stewart

Front Row (L to R): Dr. Geoff Pye, Dr. Pa Dennis, Dr. Yvonne Nadler, Dr. Michelle Willette, Edward Wilkerson, Kara Hooker, Dr. Jeleen Briscoe, Dr. Jeanie Lin

Not pictured: Lynn McDuffie, Brad Hazelton

SZS group of leaders and members at the Raleigh meeting in Spring 2015.

SZS group of leaders and members at the Raleigh meeting in Spring 2015.

Back Row (L to R): Dr. Scott Willens, Brad Hazelton, Dustin Foote, Dr. Geoff Pye, Dr. Yvette Johnson-Walker, Dr. Jennifer Boonstra, Mindy Stinner, Sharron Stewart, Julia Wagner, Lynn McDuffie

Front Row (L to R): Ashley Zielinski, Dr. Jeanie Lin, Dr. Pam Dennis. Dr. Anna Allen, Dr. Yvonne Nadler, Dr. Jimmy Tickel, Dr. Don Janssen

*Not pictured are Steve Olson, Alan Sironen and Dr. Patty Klein