A sound biosecurity plan and the ability to consistently implement it will be key to successful outcomes during an outbreak.  This step will introduce the concepts of conceptual, structural, and operational biosecurity, and illustrate how these concepts may be utilized to identify protocols that can be implemented at various levels of disease risk.  You will be introduced to various biosecurity measures and the included picklist  will help you identify what procedures to implement at your facility, laying the groundwork for your biosecurity plan.   The accompanying Mapping Toolkit will help you visualize biosecurity at your facility so that you can identify areas of concern, define Lines of Separation (LOS) based on traffic patterns throughout the facility, and designate Controlled Access Points (CAPs) where specific biosecurity measures will be taken to protect susceptible species from exposure to a disease agent.

We suggest that you review the pdf’s below before beginning mapping in order to understand some Biosecurity concepts that will be important to the process of mapping your facility.


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