It is critical to understand the response roles your personnel would play if an outbreak occurred in close proximity to or inside of your facility. This step will introduce the roles your staff may play in a disease response, and go over who may fill each roll and how those roles fit into the larger command structure during an outbreak.  Information on available training resources and a worksheet for tracking response roles at your facility are also included. Before beginning this step, please read the Concept of Operations Plan: Management of an Avian Influenza Outbreak at a Zoological Institution for important background information on how State and Federal officials may manage an outbreak at a zoological facility. 

Why review the Zoo ConOps document? 

This document was developed for a 2015 exercise that simulated an outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) involving avian collections.  The exercise was conducted involving 3 states and 5 different zoological institutions.  The ConOps document provides guidance on how exotic animal facilities could fit into the overall response structures put in place by the SAHO.  

The Incident Command System (ICS) structures illustrated in this plan are merely examples to provide a framework for regulatory authorities, zoological institutions, and supporting organizations to work together to successfully resolve HPAI issues impacting a zoological facility; this includes balancing disease control, conservation resources, cultural values, and animal welfare in an efficient manner. 

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